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Nordic eCommerce Summit

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Nordic eCommerce Summit

We’re delighted to be one of the partners for the all-day digital event, Nordic Ecommerce Summit, NES.

NES was founded to strengthen the Digital Nordic region in the global ecommerce landscape by organizing the premier regional forum for digital commerce. Join us for this special event and be inspired to develop and foster innovation in your organization and promote your continued growth. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make digitalization the foundation for your business and how it will transform everything from your CX and employee engagement through to how you run your back office systems

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How to slam-dunk your CX with brand champions and unified commerce. We’ll be joining forces with Sitoo, in this not-to-be-missed talk and will show you how digitalization and tech can transform your CX, build loyalty and trust, and make your business more successful.

With Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO at Sitoo, and Mattias Eriksson, VP Strategic Accounts at Voyado, you’ll discover why using real-time data across all your sales channels is essential for creating a true ‘omni-experience’ and slam-dunkingyour customer expectations.

You’ll learn how simple it is to make this a reality with rocket-fuelled, hassle freeimplementation, easy integrations with the rest of your retail ecosystem, dynamic scalability, and dramatically reduced running costs.

We hope to see you digitally at NES!

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Our speakers


Mattias Eriksson

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Mattias Eriksson has over 15 years of experience within the retail sector, most notably for being part in the early stages of building one of the largest Nordic e-retailers within fashion. He has also helped software companies like inRiver (PIM) and now Voyado assisting global retailers and brands with their strategies.


Jens Levin

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Jens Levin is the CEO and co-founder of Sitoo, the cutting-edge retail point of sale and unified commerce platform for global retailers. He’s passionate about helping retailers around the world revolutionize their customer experience with state-of-the-art, world leading technology.