How to create a successful SMS marketing campaign

  • How to increase your conversion rates
  • Best practices when getting started with SMS
  • What's needed to get started 

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Guide: Retail text message marketing

Succeed with text message marketing

  • Collect the right data

  • Always stay relevant

  • Consent is key

  • Build trust and brand recognition

  • Register new contacts, the smooth way

  • Get to know your contacts

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Retail text message

Increase conversions with text message marketing

Did you know that text messages or SMS have a mind-blowing open rate of 98%? And with a reach of 99%, you will get your customers attention instantly.

SMS is a channel that helps you reach your customers instantly – your messages are often opened within 2 minutes. Text message marketing is perhaps the most effective strategy for engaging customers and boosting sales.

People love offers, and the CTR for an SMS is almost 10% higher than in other marketing channels.

When you get a message, you read it – whether it’s from a friend or a brand that you trusted with your phone number.

In fact, nearly 49 million customers chose to opt-in for SMS messages in 2020.

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