On demand webinar

How to prepare for the return rush in January

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season usually tend to break sales records—year after year. With extended return periods, the uncertainty for e-commerce and retailers increases. Although the general return rates are going down on several markets, the expected return rush in January is a fact. And by being well-prepared—you are one step closer to ensuring satisfied customers.

But how do you prepare? In this webinar, you will learn how to prepare for the anticipated return rush and the upcoming year filled with returns by listening to the industry expert Markus Nordlund, Head of Sales from Easycom, and Ted Bergner, CTO from the Nordic outerwear retailer Stellar Equipment.

Some of the topics up for discussion in the webinar:

  • How the return policy can influence return behavior
  • How communication and loyalty efforts can decrease returns
  • Ways to handle frequent returners—without losing profitability
  • Why you should automate your return process
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